Katie Wang - client experience coordinator

Katie Wang

Client Experience Coordinator

*mom + Korean drama enthusiast

My role at Function101 is to welcome clients into the clinic, ensure a warm and comfortable environment, and to streamline the process on your journey to health! You will typically find me at the front desk, waiting to greet you with a smile :) I have joined the wonderful Function101 Client Experience Team while balancing family life with my two little ones.

I’ve been in Hamilton since 2011 when I started my nursing degree at McMaster University. My family has made Hamilton our home and we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else; we love this city.  Living in the neighbourhood, I have discovered Function 101 and it’s a joy to be here! Everyone on the team here brings a positive energy to the clinic and I feel inspired to continue to work on my own health.

Outside of working at Function, you can find me out at the parks playing with my kids, going on walks with friends – typically in the North End along the waterfront, reading a good philosophy book, dabbling with writing, or watching/binging a new Korean Drama.

Move with us.