Our team

Our team.

Dr. Eric Nelson - Hamilton Chiropractor

Dr. Eric Nelson Chiropractor
Dr. Eric Nelson

Matt O'Brien

Dr. Matt O’Brien Chiropractor
Dr. Matt O’Brien

Samantha Nelson - Hamilton Physiotherapist

Samantha Nelson Physiotherapist
Samantha Nelson

Tatsiana Abamovich

Tatsiana Adamovich Physiotherapist
Tatsiana Adamovich

Claire D'Amico - Hamilton Physiotherapist

Claire D’Amico Physiotherapist
Claire D’Amico

Sheldon Lopes Pereira - Hamilton RMT

Sheldon Lopes Pereira Massage Therapist

Sheldon Lopes Pereira

Michelle Goold

Michelle Goold Massage Therapist
Michelle Goold

Emilia Wojtasiak - Hamilton Massage Therapist

Emilia Wojtasiak Massage Therapist
Emilia Wojtasiak

Chris Puddephatt - Hamilton Chiropodist

Chris Puddephatt Chiropodist
Chris Puddephatt

Katie Wang - client experience coordinator

Katie Wang
Client Experience Coordinator
Katie Wang

Elyse Carnegie

Elyse Carnegie Client Experience
Elyse Carnegie

Sophie Gordon

Sophie Gordon Client Experience
Sophie Gordon

Kailyn Reny

Kailyn Reny
Client Experience
Kailyn Reny

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Our Team
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Our Values
Function101 is a physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy clinic on Locke Street in Hamilton
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